If you’re feeling

Tired or bloated. Fatigued and living off coffee… oh sis (or bro), I see you. I’ve been you!

Maybe you’re not sleeping well, overly stressed, feel lost or overwhelmed. . . 



I’m here to help! 

I’ve been there friends. YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Wellness and optimal health are not ‘one size fits all’ programs. Yet, there are universal truths and toxins. When working with me, Learning becomes tryingtrying becomes believingbelieving leads to doing


Translation… a custom FREAKIN’ strategy WORKS!

We can do this together!

Begin TODAY. There’s never been a better time to design your wellness. 

Intuitive Wellness – expanding our awareness of the areas that contribute to ones wellness and becoming intentional in aligning ourselves with self-serving wellness habits

Define Wellness Wisdom Perform a SWOT Analysis Define Targets Celebrate like a BOSS


I’ve got you friend (said in my cheerleader voice). I’ll be more than your hype girl. I’m honored to be your guide while we “diagnose” the areas where you have room grow and a desire for improvement. Coaching and mentoring for the last 13+ years has provided me with the real-world experience and success I am excited to bring alive in your life!

  • Red Carpet Consultation
  • Personalized Wellness Strategy
  • Access to the Wellness Warrior Community
  • VIP Access to Live Events & Trainings

Strategy is not the consequence of planning, but the opposite:

it’s the starting point

-Henry Mintzburg


I love hosting and I’ve been educating from the front of the room for more than a decade. If you’re in Southeast Michigan and excited to host a private Wellness Warrior Collective event, then I’m your girl! I’ll do the heavy lifting, you do the inviting, it’s that simple.

Not a Michigan resident or prefer a virtual event? No worries, virtual events are another great way we can put this information in front of the ones you love most!


Community is life, am I right? During this small group mentorship, you can expect to learn both the “how” and “why” behind the very wellness hacks I have implemented within my family and with clients to improve overall wellness. You’ll not only walk away with new health strategies and understanding, but most importantly, the tools you need to build life-long habits. 


“I have been learning from Lindsaya for the past 6 years and I am a better person for it. She is passionate, kind, and truly wants to spread the knowledge she has gained over the years to anyone who wants to learn. She will pour into you from the bottom of her heart and do so in the most authentic way. You won’t be disappointed!”


                                                                                       – Kate B | Auburn, MA

Let’s Get Started!

Yep…I knew we’d be friends… I am also a constantly curious human. There’s no such things as a silly question so ask away!

Not sure whats the next best step for you, let’s discover that together.