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"I've never experienced anything like the wellness warrior community"


Join Me Live - IRL

Celebrate unforgettable Live IRL events! Immerse yourself in real-life connections, learning, and memorable moments at our upcoming gatherings. Explore event details and join us for an extraordinary experience. Come join the magic ✨

Our Community Leaders who led a Self Love Ceremony last year


Interactive Live Conversations

Consider this a Shameless Self-Love Space cultivated by Wellness Warriors who desire to amplify the Wellness Warrrior Within. It works like a live podcast, except you can become part of the conversation, if you choose. When you arrive in an active room, you are always in the audience without access to a mic. You must join the stage to interact with your voice. We hope to hear from you! 

Weekdays 7:50 AM EST // Daily Self Love Circle

Wednesday 12 PM EST // Wellness Wednesday Lunch + Learn

Thursday 8 PM EST // Collective Book Club

Saturday 8 AM EST // Shameless Saturday

Last Sunday of the Month 8 PM // Soulful Sunday


Workshop or Retreat

I curator events + experiences with a vision of leaving a lasting impact + making a difference. I’d love to know which events are of most interest to you? Join the email list to ensure you are the first to know whenever something you’d love launches!

Our Community Leaders who led a Self Love Ceremony last year


Collective Group Cold Plunge

Amplify the Wellness Warrior Within

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WHEN: 24/7

WHERE: The Facebook group – Wellness Warriors