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Speaker, Host, Founder: Wellness Warrior Collective & Soulful Brand Builders

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As a seasoned public speaker and the visionary behind the Wellness Warrior Collective, I am dedicated to inspiring change through self-love and holistic wellness. Join us on a journey to personal and professional growth.

Our community of #WellnessWarriors is a powerful place to come learn, AMPLIFY, and E X P A N D!

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Lindsaya sitting with her computer, podcast mic, and copy of her book

Hi, I’m Lindsaya

Over hereeeeee on a dang mission to help fellow humans unlock and deeply ignite our Self-Love to amplify the Wellness Warriors Within

Our community, events, retreats, and workshops and more intend to create healthy goals and boundaries to protect, preserve, and empower our inner Warriors.

Are you READY to uncover the clarity + confidence? Or looking to finally launch that Soulful business?

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Wellness Warriors

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Wellness extends beyond nutrition. What we consume in every area of our life determines our reality. Implementing these healthy habits contributes to a NEW & IMPROVED me! Snag yours today and start using this resource to upgrade your wellness. 

Wellness transcends mere nutrition; it’s about the totality of what we consume in every facet of our lives. My journey to self-discovery involved shifting my mindset and shedding the layers of outdated narratives, leading to a profound personal transformation. Through the Daily Self-Love practice, centered on the power of breathwork, I’ve navigated the path of healing from past traumas and released limiting beliefs.

I am now dedicated to sharing the holistic practices that have been pivotal in my journey and those I’ve come to trust and value. Join me in embracing a life where every choice nourishes our mind, body, and soul, paving the way to a deeper Self Love.

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