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Pineapple banana smoothie time! I haven’t been on vacation, likely like many of you—in what feels like forever. My heart is craving the sun and the sand, and my mouth is craving all things tropical. On this snowy, wet, and grey Michigan afternoon, I needed something that not only filled my belly to break my fast but something to lift my spirits. Wahlaa this tropical treat, a spinach pineapple banana smoothie or a mango spinach smoothie, whichever you choose.  

This recipe takes me back to Hawaii as you will hear me state in the video. Wanna see how easy this is to assemble, check out my video. You’ll even get a sneak peek of me harvesting fresh greens in the middle of the freakin’ winter. If you haven’t started growing indoors YOU.ARE.MISSING.OUT! I love that the distance traveled for the greens I grow is only 14 steps. Talk about FRESH PRODUCE! If you don’t have one yet, let’s chat.

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How To Make a Pineapple Smoothie Recipe

For this pineapple banana smoothie, I harvested ½ of my greens from my indoor garden. There’s currently snow on the ground here in Michigan, so outdoor gardening is unavailable. I begin by adding all the greens to the blender. Then I top with something soft papaya. Followed by the frozen plants, pineapple, dragonfruit, frozen avocado, and banana. I then add 1 cup of my non-dairy milk or unsweetened coconut milk. I premade my Joi milk. Check out my video on this amazing healthy kitchen-swap. The final step is adding in all of the powdered produce. Today I used acai powder, camu powder, goji berry powder, and pomegranate powder.


Are Green Fruit Smoothies Healthy?

You guys get in your greens! Adding greens to your pineapple smoothie is such a great way to improve their nutritional profile and the majority will be undetectable by your taste buds, making this a great trick for those who may not love the flavor. Greens are loaded with B vitamins and contain nature’s version of folic acid, folate! They help release energy from the food and even have reported benefits on the nervous system. If that doesn’t convince you to try this pineapple banana smoothie I don’t know what will. 


Which Fruit Should We Eat In The Winter?

The best part of smoothies like this pineapple banana smoothie is that they are a simple way to add more plants into our diet with much less effort. It can be hard to even know what to buy. In the winter months, I recommend adding *Citrus*. They are in season and the highest in vitamin C and immune-supporting bioflavonoids. Here are my top 7 fruits that are in season and will support your health through the winter, also freeze them for frozen fruit like frozen chunks of pineapples. 

  • Oranges
  • Clementines
  • Lemons
  • Grapefruit
  • Tangerine
  • Pear
  • Apple


What Are The Three Best Fruit and Vegetable Combinations for Pineapple Smoothies

When citrus is in season, it will also make its way into each smoothie, like this pineapple spinach smoothie. The best way to consume citrus is whole. Use more than the juice, especially in a smoothie, and with the blender I have, I might even throw in the peel (only if the produce is organic). This Vitamix will pulverize a dead body, I swear. But when someone is new to making smoothies and they need something simple or may not have the most powerful blender I recommend beginning with this simple combo. 

Simple smart smoothie example: 
  • 1 handful of Spinach
  • ½ a lemon (or any citrus)
  • 1 banana
  • 1 cup of water or dairy-free milk
  • ¼ cup of ice
  • Simple, clean, and cleansing


Best Way To Make A Frozen Fruit Smoothie Without Yogurt

You will notice that I recommend dairy-free milk. That is because it is my belief that dairy is inflammatory. Yes, I know back in the day we consumed milk for Vitamin D. That was back when cows were raised consuming their natural diet, grass. When they consume a lot of greens their milk, like your body, has supple vitamin D levels. However, few cows roam free and nearly all milk is now fortified. So I say, leave those mama’s alone and jump straight to the source, the greens themselves, and mix with a plant-filled form of liquid or water. Here are some of my favorite alternatives to dairy-milk, yogurt, or ice cream.


  • Silken Tofu – This will have to be thinned with water but begin with it at the base and slowly add water through the vent hole as you blend to desired consistency


  • Non-dairy milk –  As you know my fav is the Joi brand. Check out the brand up above “healthy kitchen-swap”


  • Non-dairy yogurt – Look for something unsweetened here. You will have enough natural sugar with the fruit, no need to add more. My favorite brand is Forager. Again, I always strive to buy organic and regenerative if possible. 


  • Berkey Water – Yes guys I am recommending some kind of filtration. I recommend the Berkey to all of my clients and community members. But water or water and ice can be the perfect base for any smoothie. 


When you make this green pineapple banana smoothie recipe, I’d love to know what you think! Add this to your recipe box, pin it to your Pinterest, or join me on Plan To Eat to enjoy this and all of my recipes!

Also, check out my lemon poppyseed smoothie for a taste of Spring!Print Recipe

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Pineapple Banana Smoothie


Like a vacation in your mouth, this is absolute paradise.


Course: Beverages

Prep Time: 5 min

Total Time: 5 min

Yield: 1



  • 40 gram(s) Baby spinach (Earthbound farm organic)
  • 22 gram(s) Baby spinach (Earthbound farm organic)
  • 90 gram Kirkland Frozen Pineapple Chunks
  • .5 serving Juice Plus Complete – Vanilla
  • .5 gram(s) Pomegranate Powder (Navitas Organics)
  • .5 gram(s) Goji Powder (Navitas Organic) 9g = 1T
  • 1 gram(s) Camu Powder (Navitas Organic) 5g = 1tsp
  • .5 gram(s) Acai Powder (Navitas Organic) 3g = 1.5tsp
  • 35 gram(s) Frozen Avocado Chunks – Nature’s Touch
  • 60 gram(s) Dragonfruit – Pitaya
  • 60 gram(s) Papaya, Bananas, Mango (Native Forest)
  • 16 gram(s) Joi Organic Almond Nutbase


  1. Add all ingredients to your blender and blend. You’ll notice spinach was added twice as 22g was actually mixed baby greens from in indoor garden ( , , ‘ ). Also, the Joi is mixed with 1 – 1.5 cups of water as my “milk” base.
  2. Enjoy!
  3. Serving Size: 1 smoothie
  4. Number of Servings: 1
  5. Recipe submitted by SparkPeople user LINDSAYA_COM.

Amount Per Serving (1)

  • Calories: 346.6
  • Protein: 13.0 g
  • Carbohydrate: 48.5 g
  • Fat: 13.7 g
  • Cholesterol: 0.0 mg
  • Sodium: 171.3 mg
  • Fiber: 14.1 g

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