Embracing Grief with Grace: A Transformative Journey to Self-Love

In our constant quest for happiness, society often overlooks the profound reality of grief. Whether it’s dealing with a life-altering diagnosis, overcoming the sting of betrayal, coping with the finality of a loved one’s death, healing from the scars of abuse, or battling the deep solitude of loneliness, each experience profoundly shapes us. Unfortunately, navigating these emotional shadows can feel incredibly isolating in a world that predominantly celebrates joy.

Pause for a moment a reflect upon this story…

From ‘The Progeny of Love’ by April Tierney

Artwork by Lori Christopher 🐋

Story & Image: David Attenborough Fans

“A magnificent killer whale named Tahlequah gave birth and caught the world’s attention. Her calf died only thirty minutes after being born, each of those blessed minutes a sacrament to the progeny of love. But the real reason journalists and photographers and millions of viewers followed this mother’s story, was her willingness to grieve unbidden, to become a thing utterly governed by kinship.

After a year and a half of growing this enormous life inside of her belly, and the immense feat of labor, and a half an hour of looking into one another’s eyes, Tahlequah proceeded to carry her dead baby on the tip of her nose for seventeen days, traveling more than a thousand miles all throughout the Salish Sea. And some people think that grief is not inexplicably beautiful. But perhaps it’s because those people (who are us people) no longer see grieving enacted publicly as a plea for sanity, as a way of feeding that which grants us life. There was no real grieving at my mother’s funeral – sniffling and shoving tears back up into our eyes, yes, but no keening. No collapsing into the bottomless cavern of one another’s trembling arms, no crying out into the insufferable heat of that late-summer day, and certainly no carrying my mom’s dead body as a holy procession all throughout the places she ever knew and loved. So I continued to carry her mostly on my own.

I wailed in the privacy of my own home long after the funeral was over, with only the hurting eyes of my husband to behold me––a kind of holding that was never meant to be done alone. I imagine that if killer whales were not endangered, Tahlequah would have swam those seventeen days with a grand procession of many other glistening, black and white giants all across the ocean. Or perhaps she swam for one thousand miles to personify the loneliness of her grief in a world spiraling toward oblivion. And our savagery for not swimming alongside her; for taking pictures, for watching her exquisite ceremony on our little screens as if it were pure entertainment, as if that couldn’t be any one of us, carrying our dead children out into the dark and emptied streets.”

Rethinking How We Handle Grief

It’s time we challenge the traditional narratives about emotional well-being. In our Daily Self Love Circle, we confront the notion of toxic positivity—the widespread belief that happiness is the only acceptable emotional state. True self-love involves honoring our emotions in their entirety, recognizing the divine spark within us even in moments of despair.

Cultivating Strength in Vulnerability

Our practice in the Daily Self Love Circle helps us cultivate strength through vulnerability. When we gather, we do more than share our declarations of self-love; we practice the art of holding space for one another. This allows us to find the eternal light within, even during our darkest times.

Join Our Community of Healing and Empowerment

Join us in the Daily Self Love Circle, where we embrace all facets of human emotion and experience. Together, we can turn our darkest moments into steps toward inner greatness.

Unique Steps on a Non-Linear Path

Every step on this journey to self-acceptance is unique and far from linear. Embracing our grief with grace is about discovering the strength to see the greatness within ourselves, acknowledging our divine creation, especially when we feel most broken. I have witnessed the miracles that happen when we choose to proclaim our truth, shamelessly.

Join Our Community of Healing and Empowerment

I invite you to join us in the Daily Self Love Circle, where we embrace all facets of human emotion and experience. Together, we can turn our darkest moments into steps toward inner greatness.

Join our journey and transform your approach to grief and self-love. Let’s embrace our full emotional spectrum together and move towards a more compassionate and understanding society.


Remember, in unity, there is strength.

In vulnerability, there is power.

In self-love, there is liberation.

XO, Lindsaya