Breast Implant Illness

April 2018
Sept 2020
Nov 2022

Welcome to a deeper dive into the often-overlooked risks associated with heat exposure when someone has breast implants. Today, I’m going to share more of my personal journey and clinical insights I learned after my experience which shed light on the impact heat has on implant integrity and overall health. If you know someone with implants or injectables, send them this blog, lovingly. I am committed to being #TheTruthSpreader because I had no idea I was accelerating and exacerbating my BII (breast implant illness) symptoms.

You will notice in the photos above the degradation of my health that correlates with heightened inflammation. I suffered from:

✔️ chronic pain

✔️ joint and muscle pain

✔️ chronic fatigue

✔️ memory and concentration problems

✔️ breathing problems

✔️ sleep disturbance

✔️ rashes and other skin problems

✔️ night sweats

✔️ anxiety + depression

✔️ hair loss

✔️ gastrointestinal problems

✔️ inflammation

✔️ intolerant to cold

✔️ numbness

✔️ heart palpitations

✔️ slow healing

✔️ body odor

✔️ Hashimotos Diagnosis

Let’s uncover the truth behind this important yet rarely discussed topic:

Heat, whether from saunas, hot tubs, or prolonged sun exposure, can have a profound effect on breast implants. The heat accelerates the leaching of silicone from implants, leading to progressive breakdown and potential complications. It’s a silent risk that many are unaware of, but one that warrants attention and awareness.

My own experience with heat exposure and breast implants started innocently enough with an interest in infrared heated yoga after a back injury. However, as I delved deeper into health protocols and sought answers for increasing inflammation markers, I discovered the unsettling connection between heat and implant degradation. My journey serves as a cautionary tale and a call to action for implant recipients to prioritize their well-being.

Numerous clinical studies support the notion that heat can accelerate silicone degradation in breast implants. From year 8 post-implantation onwards, the risk of breakdown increases significantly, with environmental factors like heat exacerbating the process. Understanding these insights is crucial for making informed decisions about heat exposure and implant health.

Facts Supporting the Risks:

  1. Heat exposure can accelerate the degradation of silicone implants, leading to potential complications such as leakage or rupture. (Source: Pajkos et al., 1997)
  2. Studies have shown that high temperatures, such as those found in saunas and hot tubs, can increase the risk of implant distortion and capsular contracture. (Source: Spear et al., 2019)
  3. The moisture and humidity in hot environments can create an ideal breeding ground for bacteria, increasing the risk of infection around breast implants. (Source: Jewell et al., 2000)
  4. Silicone degradation is a well-documented phenomenon, with research indicating that heat exposure can accelerate the leaching of silicone particles from implants. (Source: Jewell et al., 1996)
  5. Environmental factors like sun exposure, hot showers, and prolonged sauna sessions can contribute to implant wear and tear over time, potentially necessitating early revision surgeries. (Source: Hidalgo et al., 2018)


Armed with knowledge and clinical data, individuals with breast implants can take proactive steps to minimize risks. Consulting with healthcare providers, monitoring implant health, and exploring alternative relaxation methods are key strategies for maintaining long-term well-being. 

I urge those with implants, from the deepest place of love ,to prioritize their health and seek understanding. By sharing my journey and the insights gleaned from research and experience, I hope to empower others to make informed choices and advocate for their well-being. Let’s raise awareness about these unspoken risks and work towards safer, healthier outcomes for implant recipients everywhere.

XO, Lindsaya

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