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– Robert Heinlein

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Nice to meet you, 

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Welcome to my wellness journey and I am excited to be part of yours.  One of the most impactful realizations I have come to understand is that we don’t need another certificate or more school to become healthier. Our human bodies are designed to be well. The human body is designed to survive and thrive. We are healing machines but our current 🌎 mutes the instinct and reprograms us to believe that “health” lives outside of us. Wellness is more than nutrition. What we consume in every area of our life determines our reality. We were born with intuition. Human instinct, generational instinct, and cultural instinct are all intended to protect us. Yet, just as other mammals, we can be trained and programmed. I’m not stating that these things were done on purpose, but just one look at the current state of health of most developed nations and there is ample proof that we have moved further from wellness and away from optimal health. Yes, learning is part of the journey. How can you make a  change if you aren’t aware that one needs to be made? So if more schooling/certification/program is the pathway to your understanding then TAKE THAT STEP.  Coaches, practitioners, and guides can be great resources for increasing your knowledge, being inspirational, and providing accountability. My intention is not to move you further away from learning but to awaken your own intuitive wellness. I want to ignite your critical thinking and deepen your connection to self.  I’ll be sharing how becoming quiet daily has provided my pathway to healing. How the power of my own breath has been my guide. I’ve experienced the beauty and healing powers of connecting movement and breath. I’m not here to be the best breathwork educator, yoga teacher, athletic trainer, or nutritionist. I’ll happily point you towards the people I believe excel in each of these departments throughout our experience. I am here to show you, that ALL THAT YOU NEED is already within you. I am here to guide you back to your inner voice. Your intuitive wellness. 


Join me as we reconnect and if a guide is also desired, I would be honored and so very grateful to walk the path towards wellness with you!