Cleaner Outside

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Wellness is about more than what we do or don’t put into our bodies 🍟 🍔 🍎 🥬 🍌 It’s also about what’s allowed ON our bodies. Rewinding my journey, I actually came to understand how what we put on the outside impacts us long before I really understood what real food was and how to flood our bodies with it. It’s crazy that cancer is more often created by lifestyle than by a genetic risk factor, yet we have the top cancer authority in our nation, National Cancer Institute, never addressing chemical cancer hazards.  How can the organization intended to be “the resource for cancer” not address the findings proven in science regarding this disease? We have to advocate for our right to be cancer-free! We must become our own Intuitive Wellness Warriors.

I know…I know….easier to say than do which is why I am here for you! A goal is rarely reached without a strategy…just like every other area of your life. Together we will identify your goals and create your personal boundaries while developing the mindset needed to feel your best!

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