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Many of my earliest memories include a ⚽️ and a team. I guess that’s where I fell in love with being surrounded by powerful inspiring humans focused on the same goal (first memories were co-ed friends…you know when we are still all the same size). It wasn’t until my first psychology class in college where I learned that being in a community is essential to our wellness. There are proven links regarding everything from impacting stress and mental health to reducing one’s risk of developing dementia. One of my mentors, Zach Bush, MD, uses the analogy that our microbiome is actually the first form of wifi. Imagine, our bodies ability to communicate with those around us. Want to take that up a notch…. hug the next person you are near. It’s simply incredible what being in a community can do for our psychological, physiological, and energetic. Communities also increase our knowledge. Seems like a no-brainer, right? The earliest civilizations evolved and thrived in community. We are pack animals, aren’t we?

So I ask you, do you have a wellness community that inspires you? Where you can celebrate your success and collab on areas you would like to improve? If not, I want to personally invite you into ours. We are nearly 1k strong with the most incredible humans and we can wait to add you to our tribe!

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