Less than a week ago, this was my body, my breasts. We spent nearly 11 years together. 11 years too long. When a friend saw this picture, she said, “wow, those looked great and natural. Why did you take them out?”

Did you know at the time of implant, they tell you they are only ‘safe’ for 10 years? Yes, you heard that right….and yes, I did enter in thinking I would be getting an update right around this time. It felt far away. I didn’t consider that I would have 10 years of dwindling health. Blood tests that no matter how much I #WellnessWarrior, I was still unable to improve, and quite frankly, continued in a negative direction. That I would be 10 years older when recovering. I didn’t think of any of this. I share more in-depth on the first episode of Season 2 of the podcast. 

So here I was, heading into the  ‘update’ I envisioned 10 years prior but for different reasons. I’m so grateful for a surgeon I feel heard and seen by, one that has explanted herself and no longer puts these toxic bags in. 

I’m sharing my before because we need to be more confident when we make these decisions. Not only are we not adequately educated on the side effects and risks, but we don’t consider the ‘updates’ and what that will mean. I want you to understand, so here’s the truth //

You can not get an update without another surgery, new scars, new healing, and new risks (like how I lost sensation on my left side all those years ago or the never-ending nerve pain I’ve dealt with). In addition, you must pay for explant + implant every 10 years, which will equate to no less than $1000 a year ‘rental’ fee, as you are essentially paying to rent these temporary items because every 10 years, you must replace them. So if you or someone you know is considering #breastimplants they must expect to spend at least another 10K+ every decade. And then don’t even get started on these sickening devices’ ingredients or the clinical research that proves they are cancer-causing. Or the lack of clinical research saying they are safe. One search on Facebook will unveil millions of women suffering from BII. 

DO NOT DO THIS TO YOUR BODY!! No amount of cleavage or perkiness or repairing, even to my cancer survivors, is worth the risk to our health. 

WE ARE PERFECT AS WE ARE, do you agree??


Sending Love + Light!

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