Hey friends, I want to ensure you are all aware that YESSSS I am STILL sharing Juice Plus! Over 8 years of knowing the power of a wide variety and TRUSTING the SCIENCE 🧬 πŸ“š

So friends, when you see us on The Discovery Network which includes multiple channels, like HGTV, Food Network, Lifetime, History, OWN, and more…. DON’T FORGET YOUR GIRL!

The honor + privilege I have to have helped and continue helping so many humans + families is mind-blowing πŸ’₯ AND NOW ITS EXPLODING!!

WHY?? I would say 3 main reasons
β€” Health has become front + center for so many
β€” The world is waking up to the #PowerOfPlants
β€” Everyone is waking up to Affiliate income through honest referrals

They chose this particular network because it aligns perfectly with the company’s (and our @wellnesswarriorcollective ) strategy to attract a diverse audience curious about how to live a healthier lifestyle. Or as we call it, Amplify the Wellness Warrior Within.

The national media campaign will also include ads on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Google, so when you see them everywhere I wanted to put a reminder to get back to me. You all know I won’t stalk you or blow up your DM’s, but man, oh man, does it light me UP to help!!!

This was and IS a HUGE step forward for the health of our family. We have cured things previously claimed to be incurable under my own roof. That’s no claim of how this Wellness Warrior lifestyle will show up for up for you…. But I know to the bones that this powerful nutrition was how that happened for us and opened the flood gates to where I am now and all to come!